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Coach Cathy Barry - Interview with BACD

Coach Cathy Barry - Head Coach and CEO

Eclipse Track & Field Club is a more multifaceted sports performance business dedicated to help athletes of any age share in the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of Track and Field, Running, Athletic Conditioning and Fitness, Team and Speed Development Training. We aim to build the leaders of tomorrow and to help athletes exceed to a newer higher level of success. Our commitment is to provide the best training, knowledge and experience with the best coaching in the industry.

What inspired you to start your own business?

  • Growing up as a kid with no real role models and mentors to steer me in the right direction, I felt compelled to help kids of all ages, find a direction that could help shape them and put them on the right path in life. As a coach, we have one of the most important level of influence, negative or positive on those athletes we interact with. Great coaches use sport as a vehicle to enrich the lives and the futures of their athletes. Coaches should inspire a safe environment that nurtures pride, confidence, courage, respect, responsibility, trust, caring, leadership, and other attributes the coach believes to be important. These must be reflected and constantly reinforced in the attitude, words, actions and behavior of the coach. Coaches are role models and leaders that often athletes trust and look up to. That’s why I started my own business.

What helped you when working with BACD and how did it impact you and your business?

  • I learned alot from BACD. I was already in business for a year but with the help of BACD, I was able to put together a more detailed and comprehensive business plan and to take a look at the bigger picture where my business was concerned. The financial insight I gained was also very valuable and has helped me with managing my business alot more efficiently allowing me to take time for myself as well.

Tell us about the growth of your business. How many employees, locations etc?

  • My business has grown from 12 members initially in April 2019 to now 117 members in just one year. We have 3 locations, our main one in Bowmanville, Oshawa and Pickering. We have 7-8 experienced and dedicated coaches who help coach our athletes. Our programs are constantly expanding to service the needs of our members. It is because of the word of mouth of our clients that our business has grown so much which speaks volumes about what we are doing right – putting kids first.

What marketing strategies have been successful for you?

  • I employ a variety of marketing strategies that all start with having the right plan. Having a website is key and ensuring that website gets noticed and gets the traffic you want is also very essential. Engaging people thru social media has also been a good platform for my business.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

  • If starting a new business, do your research and get in touch with BACD to get great business advice on everything connected to your business.

Any additional comments or information you would like to share with the reader:

  • I am thankful for all the people who have supported me and my business and all of the young lives I have had a chance to impact in any small way. I am blessed and very thankful.

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