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Cathy and her team have been FANTASTIC.  She is very encouraging and inspirational.  She cares deeply for her athletes and always makes them feel like a valued team member.  Eclipse coaches are dedicated to teaching and fine-tuning proper running technique and body mechanics.  Cathy takes injuries very seriously, and takes the time to work through their injuries with modified workouts and/or stretches.  I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Cathy and her team of coaches.

Amy Carlton - Parent

Attractive Young Woman
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Coach Cathy is one the most caring and devoted coaches we have ever experienced. She is professional, knowledgeable and has totally changed our daughter's running form in just one session. We are so impressed and thankful to have found her. Thank you Coach Cathy

Joanne Stuart - Parent

Portrait of Senior Woman
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I absolutely love this team!! I have been a part of it since Coach Cathy started it in April 2019.  She is so enthusiastic and involved in all the lives of her Athletes. She does not only train them for their particular event but she takes the time to help them with any personal life struggles they may have. She’s like a second mom!! The team atmosphere is amazing and all the athletes are nice & inclusive!!

Kathleen Stephens - Athlete

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