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Coach Cathy Barry - Interview with BACD

Coach Cathy Barry - Head Coach and CEO Eclipse Track & Field Club is a more multifaceted sports performance business dedicated to help athletes of any age share in the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of Track and Field, Running, Athletic Conditioning and Fitness, Team and Speed Development Training. We aim to build the leaders of tomorrow and to help athletes exceed to a newer higher level of success. Our commitment is to provide the best training, knowledge and experien

Inspirational Change - Written by Coach Cathy Barry Head Coach of Eclipse Track and Field Club

Written by Coach Cathy Barry - Head Coach of the Eclipse Track & Field Club When it comes to Inspiration, we have so many role models we can look to. From the political game changers, highest paid Athletes to those who rose from the ashes. But for most of us, looking onto a role model such as a Kobe Bryant or Michelle Obama is not really the same as being inspired each and every day by those who touch our lives. We can’t really quantify the importance of everyday role models

The Benefits of Cross Training for Your Sport.

Written by Coach Cathy - Head Coach of the Eclipse Track and Field Club. Too often as parents or coaches and even as athletes, we feel that our kids need to specialize way too young. We feel that the only way for our kids to excel in the sport they are in is to do way more of that sport. While specialization has its benefits down the road, it can also lead to our worst fears as parents - that kids will loose interest in the sport because that's all they have ever known. L

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